At Canarsie Family Dentistry, our dentists, hygienists, and periodontists deliver superior in-house treatment and provide patients of all ages with advice on best at-home cleaning practices.  We offer teeth cleanings from $99.00 for new patients at our Canarsie dental practice.


With the advice and treatment of our dental hygienists, we strive to keep your insurance costs down, taking a preventative approach and eliminating concerns before they have the chance to create further issues leading to potentially costly dental treatment.


All of our patients are supplied with information to take home, helping create the best cleaning routines supporting optimum gum and tooth health for you and your family. Everyday brushing and flossing go a long way to clean and bright teeth. Effective daily cleaning coupled with professional regular removal of plaque build-up provides the greatest prevention of cavities and gum disease. Regular cleaning with our dental hygienist at Canarsie Family Dentistryeradicates any tartar build-up in places hard to reach with everyday brushing.  


Your dentist will advise when it’s time for you to see the dental hygienist. This is usually twice a year and is often covered by your insurance, so incurs no out of pocket expense to you. 


What does the dental hygienist do that’s different to how I clean my teeth at home?

Unless you thoroughly brush and floss morning and night every day, tartar has a habit of building up, just as staining occurs in hard to reach places, even when great care has been taken to clean your teeth. 


Before your professional clean, the dental professional will examine your mouth with a mirror, checking your gums to ensure there are no problems that require addressing, before proceeding with the cleaning.


How long will my visit to the hygienist last? You can expect your consultation to take around 30 minutes to an hour. 


How does the hygienist clean my teeth? Any build-up of plaque is removed by scraping. This sounds slightly daunting, though is usually quite straightforward and painless. Your hygienist will ensure you are comfortable through each step of the cleaning process. The removal of plaque will result in a smoother, cleaner feel to the tooth’s surface.


After plaque build-up is eliminated the hygienist will polish teeth with a professional abrasive particle cleaner and orbital electric brush. This will eradicate any residual tartar and remove discoloration and staining on the tooth’s enamel. 


If required, your hygienist may floss your teeth. Flossing at home is of vital importance for maintaining good dental health, and professional flossing with your dental technician ensures gums and teeth are receiving the level of attention and cleaning required, to support good rooting of the teeth in the gum. When the root of the teeth are clear of build-up and debris, the gums can connect with the tooth, and delay any receding of soft tissue.


Really clean teeth are the cornerstone of oral confidence and a bright smile.

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