Dental crowns allow us to replace damaged teeth and crooked smiles with  perfectly looking teeth

What’s a dental crown? - And ‘what’s the difference between a dental crown and a dental implant?’ A dental crown attaches to a damaged tooth to restore appearance and strength. Crowns can also be used in conjunction with a bridge, to cover gaps and replace missing teeth. Implants are permanently screwed into the gum, and the crown placed on top to blend into surrounding teeth. 


For patients in need of dental restoration following trauma, decay or illness, Canarsie Family Dentistry dentists provide free advice and consultation on the cosmetic dental options available for your specific needs, and talk you through achieving a look and feel that’s comfortable for you. 




Dental crowns are an attractive and long-lasting method of replacing missing or damaged teeth. They’re also a relatively affordable solution.

At Canarsie Family Dentistry we offer high-quality dental crowns in a variety of materials including, ceramic; porcelain; gold and metal alloys. Our team of specialists guide you through choosing the right option based on a range of factors, such as the condition of your existing tooth and the appearance you would like to achieve, not just for one tooth, but your mouth and smile as a whole.


Whether you would like a dental crown to improve the appearance of an existing tooth or replace it entirely, talk to us at Canarsie Family Dentistry to discover the range of choices open to you.


At Canarsie Family Dentistry we’re committed to lighting your smile up to its full potential.


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